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Colombian midfielder Jorge Carascal will not leave Moscow FC due to Russian aggression

Jorge Carascal does not want to know that Carpathian footballers are dying in Ukraine

Jorge Carascal does not want to know that Carpathian footballers are dying in Ukraine / Photo: Collage: Today

Attacking midfielder Jorge Karaskal was remembered by Ukrainian fans for his artistic play and bright appearance. The Colombian called Lviv his hometown and posted posts on Instagram in the Ukrainian language.

But in February of this year, Carascal moved to CSKA Moscow from Argentine River Plate. A few days after the Colombian signed the contract, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Jorge Carascal

Jorge Carascal / Photo: Instagram, College: Today

As a result of Russian criminal actions in Ukraine, civilians die every day. The bribes launch missile strikes on Ukrainian cities, including Lviv. However, the football star is not too concerned about it and enjoys being in the capital of the aggressor country.

“I will not be able to terminate the agreement due to FIFA rules. I have a long-term contract with CSKA. I am very happy to play in this team, I am happy and satisfied with everything. Now my life is tied to this club. I wouldn’t change anything and wouldn’t go anywhere.

The club cares about us and our safety. We were told that if something unusual happened, they would not leave us and would even help us leave to a safe place. The management reassured the players, surrounded them with care and warmth, so there is nothing to worry about.

In Moscow, a quiet and stable life, no problems. I love football and I have a chance here to do my favorite thing. Why go somewhere or hide? I don’t understand. “I am very happy here,” Carascal was quoted by Match TV as saying.

We will mention that, as part of the Carpathian Lviv, the Colombian spent two seasons. Carascal played 41 games, scored six goals and made five assists.

As a result of Russian aggression, two Carpathian schoolchildren died at the front: champions of Ukraine Vitaly Sapelo and Artur Hrytsenko.

Vitaly Sabillo

Vitaly Sabillo

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