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Champions League winner and Olympic champion Carlos Tevez says he no longer wants to play after the death of his adoptive father

Carlos Tevez decided to end his career at the age of 38

Carlos Tevez decided to end his career at the age of 38 / Photo: Collage: Today

Former Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus striker Carlos Tevez He announced the end of his career.

“I’ve finished my career,” the 38-year-old said. “I’ve received offers from many teams but as a player I have really given everything I can. So I am more than calm.”

The former striker said the decision to end his career was affected by the death of his father.

“I lost my first fan, and because of that I no longer wanted to play,” Tevez said.

/ Photo: Twitter

Footballer’s adoptive father, Segundo Raymond Tevez, died of coronavirus a year ago.

Raimundo Tevez was the husband of Carlos Adriana’s great-aunt Naomi Martinez. They adopted the future football star at the age of six after his father was injured in the street. His mother left the family when Carlos was only six months old.

During his career, Tevez played with Boca Juniors, Corinthians, West Ham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus and Shanghai Shenhua.

Tevez became the champion of England three times: twice with Manchester United and once with Manchester City. The Manchester United striker won the Champions League in 2008. With Juventus, he won the Italian championship twice.

As a member of the Argentine national team he became the Olympic champion of Athens 2004, and also won the “silver medal” three times in the American Cups.

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