Cash Dollar Gold Without Float – What Rate Do Banks Set

We tell you what happens to the cash exchange rate of the dollar in famous Ukrainian banks on May 30

Banks have set a new exchange rate for the dollar

Banks have set a new exchange rate for the dollar / Photo: Getty Images, UNIAN, Collage: Today

Banks set the new cash dollar exchange rate for Ukrainians on May 30.

This is evident from the data of the specialized website “Ministry of Finance”.

It is noteworthy that the official exchange rate for the dollar is still frozen by the National Bank 29.25 UAH / US dollar

Banks set the following buying and selling price in dollars:

  • PrivatBank – 35.9 / 36.4 UAH / US dollar;
  • Oschadbank – 35.7 / 36.5 UAH / US dollar;
  • Ukreximbank – UAH 35.0 / 36.25 UAH / US dollar;
  • Raiffeisen Bank – 35.7 / 36.6 UAH / US dollar;
  • FUIB – 36.1 / 36.6 UAH / USD;
  • Ukrgasbank – 35.5 / 36.5 UAH / US dollar;
  • Alfa-Bank – 35.0 / 36.0 UAH / US dollar.

What will happen to the dollar this week?

The average selling rate of the US currency in that period, an analyst with the Center for Exchange Technologies Maxim Orishak told Segodnya in an exclusive commentary. From May 30 to June 5 You will turn inside 36-38 hryvnia.

The difference in expectations is very large, because now the level of speculation in the market is very high.

“The abolition of restrictions on the sale of currency by banks increased the value of the hryvnia against the dollar from 38.4 to 36.5 UAH. But at the same time we receive news about the state budget deficit, future cuts in pensions and social benefits, the expert said that delays in lending from countries Others remember that the war is still going on in the country and the destruction of the infrastructure does not stop.”

what does that mean?

According to Orishak, sooner or later this will lead to a devaluation of the national currency, so Ukrainians who still have savings in the hryvnia, He will try to buy dollars for them.

According to the analyst, Ukraine is entering a very difficult period, because every day there are more and more signs of economic deterioration, and the destruction of infrastructure continues.

Therefore, if you do not stop the war and do not start the reconstruction of the country immediately, then The hryvnia will gradually decrease, It will start in June 2022.

And Today, I wrote earlier where it is better to buy dollars to save, and informed when the National Bank is ready to abandon the fixed exchange rate of the US currency and what it can lead to.

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