“Crazy Show” no longer exists: the participants of the project without Pritula went to the “Free Swimming”

It is no longer the “crazy show” to which many Ukrainians are accustomed. The participants in the project announced the start of a new project, which, according to them, they started for further development, but without their star leader Serhiy Pretola. The statement about these world changes was posted on his page by the participant of the humorous show Vitaly Telny from Ternopil.

There is no development without change. Our humor team strives to evolve. That’s why we have news for you: We went to independent freestyle swimming. This is our time – a time of change and experiments. We are the same show. With the same people: Vitaly Telny, Volodymyr Zogl, Valentin Serhychuk, Serhiy Buloban, Volodymyr Kovtsun, we take another parking lot in Ukrainian and leave for your city with a new program.

"crazy show" No more: the participants of the project left Pritula "in free swimming"s -1

“This same show” is exactly the show that everyone who loves real Ukrainian humor needs! And we still do what we do best – joke in Ukrainian as it sounds! Where are we waiting!

“That same show” is the same hour and a half of laughter that I’m used to. This is the same good comedy in which everyone gets to know themselves. It’s the same atmosphere and driving, just in a new way and with a breath of fresh air to the fullest.

We are waiting for everyone at their concert. We promise you will want to come back to us.”

In the comments, users asked if Serhiy Pretola will be in the new project, to which Vitaly did not categorically reply that Serhiy will now be in Kyiv. How long and as to what this decision has been made, the artists do not report

Thus we can say that part of the era of Ukrainian humor and stand-up comedy with the movie “Crazy”, to which everyone is accustomed, has become a thing of the past, however, the artists promise their audience that the new show, albeit without the famous Sergey Pritola, will not disappoint the audience.

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