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Ukrainian champion and UEFA Cup winner Yevne Seleznyov played for Krasnodar Kuban when his hometown was under the control of Russia.

Russia is working to destroy the civilian population in Seleznyov's homeland

Russia is working to destroy the civilian population in Seleznyov’s homeland

Ukrainian striker Yevin Seleznyov has one period in his career that he shouldn’t brag about. In 2016, he I moved from the Dnieper River to the Kuban.

Seleznev was born in Makeyevka and was not embarrassed that at the time of the move to Krasnodar, Russia actually controlled Donbass.

However, with the onset of a full-scale war, Seleznyov testified. He condemned the Russian aggression.

“My position is one – I am Ukrainian, period … Yes, I am ashamed that I once played in Russia.

“If you call someone a brother and come to kill him … it’s foolishness,” Seleznyov said in a comment to the YouTube channel Sport Arena.

Eugene Seleznyov

Eugene Seleznyov / Photo: The official website of the “Minai” club.

Who is Eugene Seleznyov?

The 36-year-old striker has played for Shakhtar, Arsenal Kyiv, Dnipro, Kuban (Russia), Karabokspor (Turkey), Akhisar (Turkey), Malaga (Spain), Bursaspor (Turkey) and Kolos. He has been playing for Mini since 2021.

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He won with Shakhtar Ukrainian Championship,, Ukraine Cup And the European Cup. Reached the final with Dnipro European League. With the victory of Akhisar Turkish Cup.

He played 58 matches with the Ukraine national team and scored 11 goals.

We will mention that Eugene went to play in the Kuban in 2016. As a result, the Russians threw our striker for money and within six months left the Krasnodar club.

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