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The European Women’s Championship prize pool has doubled in size, with 16 teams now playing for €16 million

If the Dutch national team defends the title, it will get about two million euros

If the Dutch national team defends the title, it will get about two million euros / Photo: Collage: Today

Starts July 6th in England European Football Championship. There will be standard prizes for women’s football. Before Players of the German national team playing in women’s uniformsTo support the team before Euro 2022.

As reported in 90 Minutes, UEFA has set the size of the tournament prize fund 16 million euros. This is double what it was at the last European Championships in the Netherlands.

Who will get how much?

60% (9.6 million) of the prize will be divided among all participants. That is, each team that qualifies for the euro will receive 600,000 euros.

The remaining 6.4 million will be distributed depending on the performance of the national teams. Thus, for each victory in the group stage, the teams will receive 100 thousand, for a tie – 50 thousand.

National teams that got Quarter-finalsYou will win 205 thousand The semi-finalists – 320 thousand. Finalists The tournament will receive another 440,000, and The winners – 660 thousand.

Thus, if the tournament-winning team can win all the matches in the group stage overall, it will earn about 2 million euros.

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Who is involved?

A total of 16 national teams will participate in the tournament. They were divided into four groups.

  • Group A: England, Austria, Norway and Northern Ireland.
  • Group B: Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland.
  • Group C: Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal.
  • Group D: France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland.

The final will take place on July 31 at Wembley.

where is ukraine

Our team lost the Northern Ireland national team matches with the butt – 1:2 and 0:2.

We wrote it earlier Ukrainian women will judge the final part of Euro 2022
among women.

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