FINA bans transgender women from competing in women’s competitions

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has decided that transgender athletes cannot participate in elite competitions in the women’s category.

According to UP.Zhyttya, the exception is people who have completed their transition to the age of 12, that is, have already passed part of the male puberty process – they will be able to participate in women’s competitions.

Fina also plans to create an “open” category in competitions for swimmers whose gender identity differs from that of gender.

The decision was made at the World Cup in Budapest on June 19, according to The Guardian.

Earlier, the Fina Scientific Committee found that transgender people enjoy significant benefits even after lowering testosterone levels with medication.

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FINA’s new gender policy received 71% of the vote. It has been described as “only the first step towards full inclusion” for transgender athletes.

“Vina’s approach to policy development was comprehensive, evidence-based, comprehensive, and most importantly, the FINA approach emphasized competitive justice,” said Brent Nowitzki, Executive Director of the Board of Directors.

Transgender people who have completed their gender transition before age 12 will still be able to compete in women’s competitions.

FINA President Hussain Al-Muslim said the organization is trying to protect the rights of athletes to participate in competitions, as well as to protect the fairness of the competition.

“In us, every athlete will always be welcome. Creating an open category will mean that everyone will have the opportunity to compete at the elite level,” Al-Musallam said.

FINA is the second Olympic body to impose such a ban on scientific grounds.

Previously, the relevant restrictions were introduced by the International Rugby Board in 2020. Most other sports require a testosterone-only restriction so that trans people can compete in the women’s category.

The new FINA Gender Mainstreaming Policy will enter into force on 20 June 2022.

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