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Despite the fact that in the 2020/2021 season, players’ salaries will be 20% lower than in the previous season. All because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. However, their salaries are still the highest among all American athletes in team sports. On average, one NBA basketball player earned $9.5 million last season. That’s twice the number of baseball players and three times the number of American football players.

It is reported that Yannis Adetokonpo signed the largest contract in the history of the NBA

In the 2020/2021 season, 44 players immediately planned for a salary of over $25 million per season. But because of the crisis, there are 34 left. Despite this, many basketball players will receive money from advertising projects. They are more than paid in clubs.

The top ten highest-paid basketball players this season should earn $588 million.

LeBron James will be the most profitable among basketball players. At the same time, he does not receive the highest salary among basketball players – $ 31.4 million. Four top ten basketball players get more at once. But another $64 million will bring him advertising contracts. As a result, his income will be 95.4 million dollars, which is a record among NBA players.

However, by the end of the season he will lose $8 million due to the guarantee.

What is the guarantee

This is a deduction from the salary to a special fund, which in the event of an unsuccessful financial performance of the National Basketball Association is not returned to the players.

Second place in the standings is Golden State player Stephen Curry. With a salary of $34.4 million, his annual income would be $74.4 million. But it can grow. After all, he has an agreement with Under Armor to launch the Curry brand, which will produce clothing, picks and accessories for many sports. He will get $20 million for it. But this amount will grow if the brand succeeds.

Michael Jordan of Nike has a similar contract. They launched the Jordan brand, which brings in $4 billion in revenue. Michael Jordan receives $130 million a year.

Curry’s partner in Golden State, Klay Thompson, also made the top 10. He took seventh place in that ranking with $43.3 million in revenue. Despite the fact that Thompson will miss the entire 2020/2021 season due to injury, the player will receive a salary of $ 28.3 million.

and the largest representation in the top ten in the Brooklyn Nets. Here are their players Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

Top 10 basketball players in the NBA

  1. LeBron JamesLos Angeles Lakers – $95.4 million (salary – $31.4 million, advertising – $64 million)
  2. Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors – $74.4 million (salary – 34.4 ads – 40)
  3. Kevin DurantBrooklyn Nets – $65.2 million (salary 31.2, ad – 34)
  4. Russell WestbrookWashington Wizards – $58.1 million (salary – 33 ads – 25)
  5. James HardenBrooklyn Nets – $50 million (salary – 33 ads – 17)
  6. Yannis AdetokumboMilwaukee Bucks – $49 million (salary – 22 ads – 27)
  7. Klay ThompsonGolden State Warriors – $43.3 million (salary – 28.3 ads – 15)
  8. Keri IrvingBrooklyn Nets – $43 million (salary – 26 ads – 17)
  9. Chris PaulPhoenix Suns – $40.1 million (salary – 33.1 ads – 7)
  10. Damian LillardPortland Trail Blazers – $39 million (salary – 25 ads – 14)

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