Golden State takes top spot for the first time in the NBA UA-Football Finals

Since the start of the National Basketball Association Final Series, the initiative has been on the side of the Boston Celtics, who have advanced twice. But each time, the Golden State tied the score, and now the warriors finally took the lead.

The Chase Center hosts in San Francisco for two quarters kept their opponent 10-12 points away. But in the third 12 minutes, Boston flattened Golden State’s advantage and actually reached the final quarter on par. But the Celts did not have enough strength for another jerk – the “Warriors” eventually won by ten points.

Boston built their game around Jason Tatum, who became the game’s best player with 27 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists. Wiggins (26 points) and Thompson (21 points) were in the Golden State spotlight. There was an anomaly with Steve Curry – he threw a pointer three times nine times and he never hit! As a result, he finished the match with a 16-3-8 streak.

Game 6 will be held in Boston on the night of June 17th. The game starts at 4 am in Kyiv.

NBA. ultimate

Golden State Warriors – Boston Celtics .104: 94

27:16, 24:23, 24:35, 29:20

The result in the series is 3: 2

GS: Wiggins – 26, Thompson – 21, Curry – 16, Peyton – 15, Paul – 14

BA: Tatum – 27, Smart – 20, Brown – 18, Williams – 10, Howford – 9

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