How Jimmy Butler is changing this world

“Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chicago is cruelty. Just imagine how the local men feel every day.

Mentoring young people is important to me because when I was a kid I focused on older boys. Now, as I walk with the kids, I learn what’s going on in their lives. “I see how they want to change this world,” Miami basketball player Jimmy Butler said.

Beginning his career with the Chicago Bulls, Jimmy Butler went from being a rookie named under the 30th selection (8.5 minutes; 2.6 points average for the 2011/12 season) to the NBA superstar who pulled the Heat into the Championship Final. But that’s just icing on the cake. How did our hero achieve this success? What are the remaining difficulties? Let’s talk about this later. And if you’re confident the Lakers will win, Jimbo can change your mind.

Where did it all start

Our hero grew up without a father who left his family when the future basketball player was still a child. At the age of 13, when he returned home, his mother said that she did not like the appearance of her son and that it would be better for him to leave his house. Jimmy had to spend the night with friends, moving from one to the other every two weeks. It can break a person. Or make it stronger: “No offense. Now I continue to connect with my family. With my mom. With my dad. We love each other. It always will be like that,” Butler said in a 2011 interview.

After graduating from school in his hometown of Tomball, Jimmy did not rank highly among the top basketball programs in American universities, so he decided to start small – he joined the college program in Tyler, Texas. Humiliating for the future of the “King of the Fourth Quarter”? Probably. But our hero continued to go to his goal. And after the first season (18.1; 7.7; 3.1) Jimbo was invited to Marquette University. It is symbolic that she played the role of old “Miami” leader Dwyane Wade (2001-2003). In the new venue, Jimmy not only made impressive progress, but also shelved the All-Big East Conference Certificate.

Career of Mr. Jimmy Buckets in Chicago

Perhaps, when he was 22 at the start of his first season in the NBA, our hero got used to testing. So, it’s no surprise that the 2011/12 regular season only started in December after closing and lasted 66 games. But that didn’t stop Chicago winning the Eastern Conference and Jimmy playing 42 games in the regular season and 3 in the playoffs.

Surprisingly enough, the butler was used as a forward light – 95 percent of the playing time. That is, in the first season, he was a direct competitor to Luol Deng – one of the best role players in the NBA at that time. But his rating of “+/-” (with Butler on the ground the Bulls scored 16.9 points more than his opponents) and his high-quality defensive skills led Tom Thibodeau to often let the young basketball player spin the team. And with the end of the 2012/2013 season approaching, Jimmy became a player in the starting lineup – when everyone was healthy, he and Deng played together.

Since then, our hero has consistently played at the start, and since the 2014/15 season has reached elite level, averaging more than 20 points per game. So he earned the nickname “Jimmy Buckets” – the word “bucket” used for players who score well, averaging over 20 per game. Meanwhile, he was named the Most Improved Player in the 2015 regular season. He went to the All-Star Game three times. He made it to the second NBA defensive team three times and once to the third team of the entire NBA. But the Chicago Bulls are no longer the same and cannot go further than the second round.

Find your place

First, in 2017, there was an exchange in “Minnesota” for Tom Thibodeau. And the seventh peak of the project – Lauri Markkanen, Chris Dunn and Zach Lavigne – went in the opposite direction. But nothing came of it. The Timberwolves missed the end of the regular season and then withdrew from the playoffs in the first round, losing to incredibly strong Houston with Harden and Paul. The score in the series is 1-4. And our hero (22.2; 5.3; 4.9 average for the 2017/2018 season), when he saw it in the West with the current roster of the doing nothing, asked for an exchange.

Here’s what former Minnesota partner Andrew Wiggins had to say about him: “Butler was a good teammate. A true fighter. He gave so much to the team, he brought the guys to the Finals (“Miami”), it’s an amazing achievement. It shows what he’s capable of. Everyone forgot that when Jimmy was in Minnesota, we were third in the strong West before he got injured.Maybe he moved on to a good team, Miami, and everything else is history.

Last year under contract, Philadelphia took the stakes of having a “one and done” season, which in return gave almost the entire throw seat and a second-round peak. What did the 76 get in the end? The Elite roster is perhaps the strongest in the 21st century for Philadelphia – third place in the regular season. And this is taking into account the large number of injuries that fell to the team that season. But only Redick and … and what was in the playoffs – we know very well.

Butler is Pete Riley’s hope of getting a decent pension

“If you put Jamie in a cage with the cats, he will growl sad. If you put him in a kennel, he will feel at home,” Eudonis Dream shared his opinion of Butler.

On July 6, 2019, our hero entered the “Sign and Trade” scheme to conquer the southeast coast of the United States. Why move to Miami? There is a pay-as-you-go, but no big players. So said all the experts and fans of the NBA with one voice. In fact, the transition at first seemed unjustified. But everyone forgot that Heath has Pat Riley himself! He managed to filter the payroll, take some of the names that will be launched in the 2019/2020 season and find Tyler Irrow in the draft.

Meanwhile, Jimmy continued to advance. No, not in terms of points scored (19.9; 6.7; 6.0 for the last regular NBA season). Under coach Eric Spoelstra, he has finally mastered the powerhouse position (46% of the regular time in this role and 90% in the playoffs).

However, Jimbo showed the best results of his career in terms of picks and helped his teammates. But you and I are interested in the playoffs, as Jimmy Butler becomes Jimmy Buckets (20.7; 5.7; 4.5). Do not be embarrassed by such modest figures for the leader of the “Heat”. His whole game ends until the end of the game, when the Miami players are cruising around the corners, making a lane for our hero, and … Butler begins to make the decision. He takes 9.2 penalties per match, with a score of 85%. In addition, in his arsenal there are such passages under the shield, after which the entry of the ball into the ring is ensured. So it was with Milwaukee, and so it was with Boston. It is possible that Mr. Buckets will decide in the final with the Lakers. Hey, Snoop Dogg, I’ve been waiting for LA opponents. The most annoying opponent.

About LeBron James

“You can’t rank the top 5 basketball players without including LeBron. He’s still the best versatile basketball player in the league. Does your team need points? LeBron will do it. Whatever you need and when you need it.

When we talk about a combination of speed, athleticism, power and explosiveness, LeBron’s thoughts come to mind. He is able to play the elite in any position. Yes, every missed match turns into a nightmare for younger players – it just pushes them. And the big men who oppose James in office are not fast enough to defend themselves against him.

He also constantly associates all his teammates with attacks. He’ll obey his teammates and play basketball selflessly, and then, when it’s time to win the game, LeBron James will miraculously wear his mantle and… bam!

game over.

He’s one of those guys you want to fight because you’re comparing yourself to him. Like, if you can play better than LeBron James, you’re on the right track.

“If you can’t, it’s because you’re human, just like everyone else,” Jimmy Butler said.

Our hero and his story, of course, have greatness. But will Jimbo be able to add the NBA champion title to the 2016 Olympics gold medal? Objectively speaking, LAL had no worthy opponents in the West, but the most powerful organizations in the East weathered the blow. “I consider them the best team in the East, they deserved the right to represent the Conference in the defining streak of their game,” said Brad Stevens.

Lakers – Miami. Predictions and announcements for the NBA Finals

Still doubting Miami’s ability to beat the Lakers? Perhaps this argument will convince you: “To beat the Lakers, you need to show a game that is close to perfect. We are capable of it. We’re not afraid that one of the contenders will be number one in the Fifth Person Conference. We think to ourselves, we have to be a better version of Miami.” Heat” – said the captain, Jimmy Butler. And his story makes us believe that even in the most difficult situations there is always a way out. So, it is possible that this final can change our world.

Vyacheslav Shevchenko

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