How to overcome burnout at work

Psychologists from the portal are often asked the question “How to overcome burnout at work?”. And this is not surprising, given that many people today have to work overtime, and there is less time for rest. In addition, you need to take care of family, parents, friends, and redo a lot of household chores, not to mention some force majeure circumstances such as unplanned repairs.

Dealing with emotional exhaustion is both simple and challenging. Simply because everyone can do it, even without consulting a psychologist. Although the consultation will not be superfluous. Difficult – because overcoming burnout requires certain changes at work, and the employee does not always have the opportunity to influence some process, in particular, change his schedule. However, it is worth trying, otherwise you will have to change your workplace.

Experts advise the following actions:

·discussing working conditions with the manager, it may be possible to find a compromise regarding the schedule or take time off, or at least agree on a temporary job change, which will reduce the workload;

·set priorities correctly, do not try to complete all tasks as quickly as possible, organize your duties so that the burden is equal;

·Determine the exact working hours. i.e. work – only for a certain time, completely forgetting about work at home;

·take short breaks, for example, to drink coffee or tea, and go out in the fresh air for a few minutes;

·Learn how to decline colleagues’ requests for help. If such assistance takes time, and you have to compensate for it at your own expense, then refuse it.

A good night’s sleep is a mandatory requirement to overcome emotional exhaustion. It is necessary to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, preferably going to bed before 12 o’clock at night.

Life is not limited to work

This must always be remembered. Some people even think about working weekends, thinking about how to solve certain problems. The best thing is to find a hobby, for example, yoga, swimming, hiking, drawing. Anything that can distract attention will add new colors to life. The main thing is that the hobby should be likable and not official.

And of course more communication with loved ones, joint activities, get-togethers and parties. This will help to relax and forget about duties and conflicts at work. And if the problem remains, you feel overwhelmed, you can always consult a psychologist, because perhaps the reason lies in something else.

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