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The National Bank confirmed that the banking sector is not threatened. As well as the depositors of this financial institution

The other day the National Bank declared bankruptcy Megabank. The latter recorded significant violations in terms of credit risk assessment, insider lending and non-compliance with the recapitalization plan.

Now the financial institution is withdrawn from the market.

This was stated in the NBU.

Megabank entered the problem category on February 3 and according to the regulator, it committed major violations in various areas of activity.

In addition to the above, Megabank did not comply with the requirements of the NBU to eliminate it within a specified period.

As noted in the National Bank:

The problems in the bank’s activities were not caused by the imposition of martial law. They started long before the war (!!)

Megabank shareholders have not taken the necessary steps to keep the bank afloat.

At the same time, investors should not worry: They will get a full refund from the guarantee fund.


Megabank – Ukrainian Commercial Bank, founded in 1990 and headquartered in Kharkiv. Until 1995 it was called “Dobrody”.

It has more than 160 branches in almost all regions of Ukraine.

Through the Megabank system, more than 2 million Ukrainians, who can pay for services with a single receipt, have paid for utilities.

We reported earlier what would happen to the money of Ukrainians if something happened to Privat Bank or Oshad Bank. The answer to this question is known in the Personal Deposit Guarantee Fund.

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