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Prominent Ukrainian coach Valery Lobanovsky forever wrote his name in the history of football. But Russia cannot accept this fact

The Russians are not satisfied with Lobanovsky's achievements

The Russians are not satisfied with Lobanovsky’s achievements / Photo: Collage: Today

The legendary coach was harassed by Moscow journalists during his life. They could not calm down even after his death.

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Journalist Valery Vinokurov, who worked for the Soviet weekly football newspaper, burst into Valery Vasiliovich with another dose of poison.

Vinokurov said in an interview with the Russian newspaper “Sports Express” that Lobanovsky’s photo was created by journalists. Of course, the well-known journalist did not mention any facts.

– I’ve included my past coaches, which would be great today. But Lobanovsky did not mention his name.

– And I don’t consider Lobanovsky to be an outstanding coach!

– How is that?

– I know him well. We are peers. We have been friends for many years!

– Direct friends?

– When he and Bazylevych had already come to Moscow as Shakhtar and Chornomorets players, Valery Berezovsky, a well-known journalist, organized barbecues. We had conversations about football, everyone’s dream: they would finish playing – and there would be the same union between us as Vita and Maslov.

The union failed.

They graduated, they became coaches. Lobanovsky headed the Dnipro, Basilievich – Shakhtar. We parted immediately ideologically!

– Have you ever thought that Basilievich as a coach is stronger than Lobanovsky?

– What am I talking about! Didn’t you understand of course stronger! Lobanovsky is an absolute legend. The whole story is woven from legends. Well, a barrage of “Aurora” – you don’t care that it wasn’t?

– Lobanovsky – from the same series as the “Aurora” barrage?!

– Lobanovsky is the purest imagination! Create the image – skillfully shaped it. With the help of journalists – Sasha Gorbunov, Valery Berezovsky. Our coaches did not consider Lobanovsky to be a great specialist. Here’s Simonyan – it’s like that… So soft! Said Vinokurov.

We add that in 1975 Valery Lobanovsky was named the best coach in the world, and in 1986 he took second place and took third place three times (1974, 1976, 1977). The outstanding Ukrainian has repeatedly been included among the 10 best coaches in the history of football according to editions of leading sports publications. This is only a small list of his accomplishments. However, Russia is used to not noticing the successes of others.

Valery Lobanovsky

Valery Lobanovsky

Earlier, Russian goalkeeper Alexander Filimonov compared Valery Lobanovsky with Oleg Romantsev. At the same time, the goalkeeper, who missed the legendary goal from Shevchenko, was shyly silent that in the Commonwealth Cup Dinamo Lobanovsky won three of the four finals against Spartak Romantsev.

Limonovsky invited Filimonov to Kyiv

Limonovsky invited Filimonov to Kyiv

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