Kremenchug bombing – Andrei Voronin spoke about the Russian army – Football news

Former Ukrainian footballer Andrei Voronin was shocked by the Nazi attacks on the Kremenchug shopping center.

Andrei Voronin commented on the bombing of Kremenchug

Andrei Voronin commented on the bombing of Kremenchug

The Russian army is gradually destroying the infrastructure of Ukraine, firing missiles at large cities. The Nazis constantly bombed civilian targets and killed civilians.

Today he arrived in Kremenchug, the ruined shopping center that receives a thousand visitors. It is already known that about 40 people were hospitalized with serious injuries, as well as 10 dead.

The sports community is shocked by the bloodthirsty Russians. Earlier, Shakhtar goalkeeper Andrei Pyatov commented on the situation. Another former player of the Ukrainian national team Andrei Voronin also spoke briefly about the behavior of the occupiers.

Monsters, do you have anything sacred? in humans!

Also today in Kremenchug, the city’s football stadium was damaged by the bombing. Yesterday, Russia shot at a house and a kindergarten in Kyiv. One person was killed and his seven-year-old daughter and wife, a Russian national, were injured.

We will recall that earlier Andrei Voronin played for Dynamo Moscow from 2010 to 2014, and also coached a team from 2020. However, after the start of a full-scale war, Andrew left Moscow and condemned the actions of Russia.

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