Kremenchug bombing – Russia attacked the Kremen club stadium – football news

Russian terrorists fired two missiles at the city located in the Poltava region. One of them ended up in a shopping center, the other – in a sports facility

The property of Karimin Football Club was damaged as a result of the bombing

The property of Karimin Football Club was damaged as a result of the bombing

The Russian army continues to bombard our cities. The Nazis constantly bombarded civilian targets with missiles, massacred civilians and occupied territory.

Today Kremenchug was bombed, and a large shopping center caught fire. According to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, the stadium of the Kremin Football Club was also damaged.

“According to preliminary data, the X-22 cruise missile was hit by an aircraft (the type that will be installed). Two missiles were fired, one of which hit the shopping center and the other on the city stadium. All necessary civil services are working. The wounded and injured are provided with the necessary medical care. ”

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Meanwhile, Al-Footba satellite channel reported that the team bus and the administrative building of the arena were damaged by the bombing. It is noteworthy that Kerimin played in the first league last season and occupied the last place in the incomplete championship.

Yesterday, the Nazis shot at a kindergarten and a house in Kyiv. A seven-year-old girl and her mother were infected while the father of the family died. It turns out that the mother of the family is a citizen of the Russian Federation.

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