Lviv blossomed with marigolds and gazania

20:30 June 9 2022

Despite the war, Lviv does not abandon flower beds. .

However, during martial law, instead of the usual flowers for the people of Lviv, municipal workers will often grow marigolds and gazania. The main reason – you do not need to buy plants. Residents of the annexed communities: Malikova, Hryadi, Veliky Hribovich volunteered to plant them. This was reported by the press service of the LMR, writes

“Today, it is planned to plant flowers on Chornovil Street, on the square near the Khotkevich Palace and on the street. Lypynsky. As well as in Bryukhovychi, not far from the local supermarket. Earlier, employees of the Lviv Community Office in Bryukhovychi at their own expense planted marigolds at their own expense near From their offices, as well as near memorials to Heavenly Hundred and the deceased ATO participant, the LMR city conglomerate division said.

The plants grown in the communities are grown by a contractor that won public procurement for landscaping. The business customer is Shevchenkivska County Administration.

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