Motor ship, gondola and joists. How much is water entertainment in Vinnytsia? : 12:06: 2022

Motor ship, gondola and joists.  How much is water entertainment in Vinnytsia?

motor ship

Ships have been riding the picturesque spore for more than half a century. This year, the hiking season on the ships “Mykola Pirogov” and “Lyalya Ratushna” has already begun. The route has not changed: from the Central Bus Station to Saparov. The walk begins with at least 15 passengers.

The cost of a one-way ticket: 100 hryvnia for adults. 90 hryvnia for students and pupils; 80 hryvnia for children (from 6 to 10 years); Children under 5 years old are free. Ships operate from 10.00 to 20.00.

Contacts: +380 68 041-66-91 and +380 97234-52-52.


Vinnytsia is one of the few Ukrainian cities where you can swim on an unusual vehicle – a gondola. Swim wherever you say. You can eat champagne and fruit while swimming. An experienced gondolier will be Venezia in appropriate attire behind the wheel. Cost: 500 hryvnia for 40 minutes. It can accommodate up to six people.

Contacts: +380 97500 51 04.


Now you can swim on boats on the Roshen Bridge and in Vyshinsky Park.

– You can drive from the central bridge to the old city bridge. You can’t take pictures of the bridges and take pictures against them – they tell us the new restrictions. – During the alarm, you can freeze the rental time and go to the shelter. Or stay on the water (away from bridges and factories). This is at your own discretion!

The use of boats with animals is allowed. If necessary, customers will receive life jackets. Cost: 60 hryvnia (half an hour for one person). However, for children under 7 years old for free. Opening hours: from 05.00 to 23.00.

sub board

You can also enjoy a hill walk on Roshen Bridge. Renting one board costs 150 hryvnia per hour. You can write to the rental staff to reserve for a specific hour here or wait in line to get your sapboard.

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