Nations League 2022-2023 – Match Overview June 11, 2022 – Football News

There were four matches in Division A, in which the winners were never determined

The England-Italy match was boring

The England-Italy match was boring / Photo: Getty Images

Lots of interesting matches took place in the League of Nations today. In the opening match of the day, Ukraine defeated Armenia and became the leader of their group in Division B.

The main competitor of our team, the Scottish team, unexpectedly lost away to the Irish with a score of 3: 0. Currently, the Petrakov winger is three points ahead of each of its opponents.

Ireland – Scotland 3: 0
Brown, 20, Parrot, 28, Obafemi, 51

The big matches were held in League A. Wolverhampton hosted a new version of the last European Championship final, as England fought against Italy. However, the coaches created backup teams and performed a boring “zero”.

England – Italy 0: 0

Germany came to Budapest against the Hungarians, where they also played with them in Euro 2020 and then drew 2: 2. This time, Marco Rossi’s accusations did not lose to the Bundesliga again. Hoffmann quickly responded to Nadia’s early goal.

Hungary – Germany 1: 1
: Nagy, 6 – Hoffmann, 9

Thus, in the third group of Section A, Italy takes the lead, which is one point ahead of Hungary. But England are still closer to relegation to the lower league.

The fourth quartet focused on Rotterdam, where the Netherlands hosted Poland. Lewandowski’s absence did not prevent the visitors from scoring two goals on the goal of Let it be before the start of the second half.

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However, the hosts soon managed to level the score, scoring 2 goals in 3 minutes. However, Van Gaal’s wings could not snatch victory. In the end, the hosts got a penalty, but Depay could not score from the “point”.

Netherlands – Poland 2: 2
Klasen, 51, Dumfries, 54 – Cash, 18, Zelensky, 49

However, orange still took the lead in the group. Not only Poland, but Belgium, who lost to Wales today, are three points behind. Bale and his cohorts seem to have bet on the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Ukraine and are now on the cusp of relegation to the Nations League.

Wales – Belgium 1: 1
: Johnson, 87, Tillmans, 51

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