NBA Draft New Orleans was the first to pick Williamson, Moriente was second

Duke University star Zion Williamson was expected to be named number one in the 2019 NBA Draft. The 18-year-old striker was selected by the New Orleans Pelicans. Under the second number “Memphis” he chose defender J. Morient, and the third was striker Duke RJ Barrett, who went to “New York”.

Note that many exchanges took place during the draft. New Orleans traded the fourth (Deandre Hunter) and 57 peaks, Solomon Hill and the next peak in the second round in Atlanta for the 8 (Jackson Hayes), 17 (Nickel Alexander-Walker) and 35 peaks.

and Minnesota replaced the 11th draft (Cameron Johnson) and Dario Charicha for the 6th draft (Garrett Culver).

NBA Draft

1. “New York” – Zion Williamson (Duke Striker)

2 – Memphis – J. Moriente (Defender, Murray State)

3. “New York” – RJ Barrett (Duke Striker)

4. Atlanta Dunder Hunter (Virginia striker)

5. Cleveland – Darius Garland (DF, Vanderbild)

6. Minnesota – Garrett Culver (Texas Tech striker)

7. “Chicago” – Kobe White (North Carolina defender).

8. New Orleans – Jackson Hayes (Texas Striker)

9. “Washington” – Roy Khachimura (Gonzaga striker)

10. Atlanta – Kim Reddish (Duke striker)

11. Phoenix – Cameron Johnson (North Carolina Striker)

12. “Charlotte” – BJ Washington (Kentucky striker)

13. Miami – Tyler Hero (Kentucky Defender).

14. Boston – Romeo Langford (Indiana defender).

15. Detroit – Sekou Domboia (Limoges striker)

16. Orlando – Plague OKVK (Auburn Striker)

17. “New Orleans” – Nickel Alexander Walker (Defender, Virginia Tech)

18. “Indiana” – Goga Petadze (Striker, “Future”)

19. San Antonio – Luka Shamanic (Olympia striker)

20- “Philadelphia” – Matiz Table (Defender, Washington).

21- Memphis – Brandon Clark (Gonzaga striker)

22. Boston – Grant Williams (Tennessee striker)

23- Oklahoma – Darius Beasley (striker)

24- Phoenix – Ty Jerome (Virginia Defender)

25- Portland – Nasser Little (North Carolina striker)

26 Cleveland – Dylan Wendler (Belmont forward)

27. Clippers – Mfyunda Kabingel (Florida State striker)

28. Golden State – Jordan Bull (Michigan defender)

29. San Antonio – Keldon Johnson (Kentucky striker)

30- Cleveland – Kevin Porter (Defender, Southern California)

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