Oleksiy Len is a Ukrainian in the NBA. He does not recognize the authorities and goes to the end

Seven years ago, Oleksiy Len was considered the second most powerful position of the recruiting class in 2013 (only Cody Zeller from Charlotte was mentioned above), but the Dnipro schoolboy has not yet managed to build a successful career abroad. Laziness stuck firmly in clubs that had no prospects, and his playing qualities overshadowed the reputation of a strong and unscrupulous player.

Lenya’s first high-profile accident occurred in Alexei’s tenth game in the NBA. Phoenix beat the Lakers (121:114) at home without the injured Kobe Bryant, and Laz was brazenly stopped midway through the second quarter by a Nick Young pass. The American threw his fist at the offender, but the Phoenix players immediately cornered Young and softened his passion. After the game, Nick complained that no one in the Lakers supported him.

“I felt like one against five. If any of the Lakers were around, things wouldn’t go wrong.”

Effects: Lin and Young got mutual takedowns, the Ukrainian was fined $15,000, and teammate Oleksiy Marcus Morris received another $25,000 fine for trying to escalate the conflict.

Let’s move on to next year. While Ukraine met the first moments of 2015 at the New Year’s table, Lane fell in love with not one, but Olympic champion and future best player Russell Westbrook.

If Oleksiy was openly wrong about the story with Young, the Ukrainian did nothing criminal against the Oklahoma star – it was a normal fight for selection, with Phoenix’s center being stronger, but Westbrook decided to go to the end and fell as expected after colliding with an even bigger opponent. .

Effects: Westbrook received two technical suspensions in a few seconds and was removed from the field. Oklahoma was saved in that game by Kevin Durant, whose 44 points helped break Thunder in overtime (137:134).

Two months later, Lin appeared in an unfavorable light. In the match with Miami, Alexey allowed quarterback Heath Hassan Whiteside to score a goal through himself, and then failed and provoked the American into a fight. Whiteside did not wave his hands, but surprised Lenya with a technical pass to his feet.

Whiteside in 2015 was a hungry, defensive beast, averaging 3.7 combined shots per game. But Lin was not afraid to come into conflict with an opponent of this nature, which was still worthy of respect.

Sloth ended the defeat in a short encounter with Whiteside in March 2016, when he effectively fired the ball into the ring through the offender’s hands.

Effects: Laziness received a fine of 20 thousand as the main initiator of the fight, and the NBA issued a fine of 15 thousand in US currency for the intensification of the conflict. Both centers went to the locker room early after the fight.

A pre-season match is no reason for Lynn to betray his principles. In October 2017, the Ukrainian did not share a place in “Paint” with Portland center Caleb Soonegan. Both “big” are actively working with their own hands, but still Lin in the struggle for choice was able to fall off his back. The judges confirmed Oleksiy’s correctness by writing a mistake for Sonnegan in the attack.

Effects: Sloth and Sunnegan were removed from the field during the fight. CJ McCollum (we’ll mention it later) was eliminated for one game of the regular season because he left the bench and interfered with the fray.

After leaving Arizona and signing a contract with Atlanta, Sloth raised his individual stats to a new level and stopped appearing in serious skirmishes. One cannot help but mention the Jimmy Butler incident in January of last year – Alexei’s elbow hit the Philadelphia star’s chin, and to bring the moment to a new level TJ McConnell, who kept his teammate from sinning, did not allow. Knowing Butler’s combative nature, fighting with Lynn would definitely be the most discussed moment of game day.


Effects: Personal error of the first degree on Linea.

But in Sacramento, laziness, as they say, “decoded it.” Since returning to the Western Conference, the Ukrainian has played only nine matches, but has already managed to take part in two rather big matches.

In the first match in the team of Luke Walton against the Clippers, laziness did not restrain itself after provoked by Harrell Monterey. Alexei quickly showed that he could defend himself verbally and physically. In that match, the Clippers didn’t touch the Ukrainian anymore.

Effects: A technical foul is mutual between Lane and Harrell.

Here we come to the freshest and most discussed moment. A few days before the end of the season due to the coronavirus pandemic, laziness added to his track record a bright battle with one of Portland’s captains, CJ McCollum. The American didn’t like the way Lane worked against him in the curtain – he pushed the Blazers defender Alexei and then received an identical response.

And if it wasn’t for the horde of colleagues, Laziness and McCollum would have 100% turned the basketball court into a boxing ring. Something suggests that Americans will find it difficult.

Effects: Mutual Technical Error fines of $20,000 to McCollum and $15,000 to Lenny.

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