Pele called on Putin to stop the war in Ukraine – Football News

Pele believes that there are no arguments that can justify violence, and Putin is obligated to stop the war in Ukraine

Putin and Pele met in 2017

Putin and Pele met in 2017

One of the best footballers in world history, Brazilian Pele addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Brazilian asked the Russian dictator to stop the war in Ukraine. It happened Before the match with Scotland, which was won by Ukraine.

“Stop the war. There are no excuses for violence. This conflict is evil, immoral, unjustified and brings nothing but pain, fear, horror and suffering.

I have lived eight decades of wars and speeches by leaders filled with hatred for the security of their people. We can’t go back to this time, we have to evolve.

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When we met in the past, exchanged big smiles and shook hands for a long time, I never thought we’d be so far apart. The opportunity to stop this conflict is in your hands. And with the same hands that I pressed her in Moscow during our last meeting in 2017, ”, Pele wrote on Instagram.

We will mention it already on the first day of the war Pele expressed his solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

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