Presentation of the book “Irina Kishkina. We are alive …” began in Kyiv

It starts in Kyiv Presentation of the book “Irina Bakshkina.. while we are alive..”. The event will last from 11:00 to 13:00 at the headquarters of “Ukrinform” – str. Khmelnitsky, 8/16, Kyiv, hall № 2 (2nd floor). You can watch the broadcast online at the link.

The sudden and sudden death of a famous sociologist in March 2020 shocked Ukrainian society. This was shocking news, because two weeks before her death she conducted a sociology training for journalists in the regions of Ukraine, participated in public events and media appearances.

“Work was always and always in the first place. There was so much of it that Ira was always at the computer, constantly in the whirlpool of events … She had little rest. Holidays are rare, only for 8-10 days, and it is advisable to go to the sea to swim (she loved to swim, it is useful for the back, which was constantly hung above the computer). The concept of a day off for her did not exist. It is the same as today’s work, only at home, ” One of her close relatives, Valentina Ilchuk, writes in her memoirs.

These and many other memories, words of gratitude and feedback, that recreated the exceptional personality of Bekshkina, are included in the collection of books published by the Foundation for Democratic Initiatives with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. The publication includes only a part of the great scientific work of the sociologist, her journalism and speeches in the media, which reproduce the main trends of public sentiment during the years of independence, as well as large bibliographic materials.

The publication is intended for a wide range of readers, including sociologists, historians, journalists, members of the public sector, young scientists and students.

Democratic Initiatives

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Interview with Irina Bishkina, a prominent sociologist and director of the Foundation for Democratic Initiatives “While we are alive, nothing has been determined in the end” read the link.

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