Prodeco moved to Bukovina

Brodeco has been operating in Ukraine for more than five years. They produce new materials, for our country – decorative plaster and water-based paints. Before moving, the company was headquartered in Kyiv.

Reporter megabyte Talk to the owner prodeco Roman Bunco. He talked a little about the work, how it changed in Chernivtsi, and about the peculiarity of the product itself.

Your area is closest to the border

Roman Bunko decided to transfer his business to Bukovina at the beginning of hostilities. This decision was related to the potential danger in Kyiv, and our city was chosen because it is close to the border.

– When it all started, we started thinking about moving. They heard about the resettlement program in mid-March, and then began to move their facilities in Chernivtsi. You have a relatively quiet area. And since about March, we have been working, and already producing some types of our products at Chernivtsi facilities. In short, we are engaged in the production of decorative plaster and water-based paints. It is somewhat similar to wallpaper, – says R. Bonco.

Chernivtsi is our plan B

This move helped keep the company afloat. Difficulties arose during the arrangement of new buildings, since everything had to be rearranged here.

– We needed a small but different location, where we could move very quickly, if necessary. This is for the future, if again it was necessary to collapse everything and move with the staff, then there would be no place. The main problems were that we moved nowhere – a new room where everything had to be reset. And what can be done in three months? This is a long way, so Chernivtsi will remain our plan B– says the owner.

The production of decorative plaster is a new direction in our country, which is just beginning to develop. According to Bonko, they are wallpaper competitors.

This type of plaster is used to decorate interior and exterior walls and ceilings. They are made in different technologies, and there are also many types. This type of wall simulates different coatings – silk and concrete. Everything is made from a liquid mass, which the master actually spreads with a spoon, depending on the wishes of the customers.

Thanks to your city, we managed to survive

In Kyiv, the company employs about 15 people. In addition, many self-employed were engaged when assistance was needed. These people also had the opportunity to intern in the company.

– There are three people working in Chernivtsi so far. No one was transferred from Kyiv, the workers were found among the local population. Part of the work remained in the capital, but the situation in the country is tense, people do not need repairs, so demand continues to fall. Demand is down about 80 percent or even 90 percent across Ukraine, with the exception of Bukovina. Here, on the contrary, people continue to buy, and sales in your area have fallen by about 20 percent. Thanks to Chernivtsi, we managed to survive, and we did not lay off the staff – adds Roman Bunko.

Given all the difficulties, including the delivery of goods from abroad, Roman Ponco does not know how long they will be able to stay on the market. Perhaps because of such problems it will be necessary to reduce the number of employees.

– Now there are problems with the supply abroad due to the huge queues. We now have active contracts, but the truck can stand in line for about a week. This is one of the biggest problems, we can’t fulfill orders very quickly. Customers cannot wait that long. They bought the material before the war, so it’s easier – says the businessman.

Chernivtsi was selected for resettlement according to several criteria. The first is the distance to the border, the second – through the partners with whom prodeco He cooperated for a long time.

– We did not take into account any other city, because in Chernivtsi we have the most acquaintances, and at the regional level it is not far from Kyiv. You have a very beautiful historical part of the city. The culture is very similar to that of Kyiv, some things are picked up here very quickly. If you take into account our activities, interior design styles and modern trends, then the fastest choice in your city – adds Roman Ponco.

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