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Artem Yashkin, a former Dynamo player, told how the Russians were killed more than 20 years ago

Artem Yeshkin spoke about Putin's influence on Russians

Artem Yeshkin spoke about Putin’s influence on Russians

Ukrainian athletes help the country in the war with Russia in all available ways. Some took up arms, some turned to humanitarian and financial support, and others helped with information.

Among them is Artem Shkin, a Russian-born who played for Dynamo. The footballer changed his nationality a long time ago and played 8 matches with the Ukrainian national team in the 2000s.

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His son now serves in the armed forces, and his parents live in Russia. In an interview with SportArena Yashkin spoke about the impact of television advertising on the people of the country.

“I used to come to my parents in Russia when I was actually living in Ukraine, and there are Putin, Putin, Putin and Putin everywhere. One statistician estimated that the name ‘Putin’ is spoken 400 times a day on one channel.

Then he carried the girl, then flew somewhere, then something else. And then about Ukraine – that’s a ridiculous thing. Since 2000, all this nonsense is gone. For more than 20 years, people have been very zombies.

How can a reasonable person believe that Putin sent troops to Ukraine to protect the Russian-speaking population? People in general should attack him and believe in him. It must be either an idiot, a zombie, or a complete patriot of the word “idiot”.

Earlier, Maxim Shatsky spoke about life in Russia and the influence of the Fuhrer Putin on public opinion. The former dynamo striker thinks people are zombies and can’t be persuaded.

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