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The famous Ukrainian goalkeeper Maxim Levitsky mentioned a banquet in Grozny and how Ramzan Kadyrov shouted at his sister who did not want to dance with the football player.

According to Levitsky, Kadyrov was angry with one of the sisters

According to Levitsky, Kadyrov was angry with one of the sisters / Photo: Collage: Today

Ex-Ukrainian goalkeeper Maxim Levitsky has spent most of his career in Russian clubs. Levitsky said Why are Russians afraid of Bandera?.

And now Maxim remembers the period when he played with Terek from Grozny. The club was sponsored by Ramzan Kadyrov.

“I was only in Grozny twice – we came there to celebrate the exit from the Premier League. And so we lived in Kislovodsk. When you are busy playing football, a lot passes. I remember only one case when I saw Kadyrov’s attitude to his sisters.

Ramzan Kadyrov: "Kyiv can be eaten in one or two days" Photo: Sputnik

Ramzan Kadyrov: “Kyiv can be captured in a day or two.” Photo: Sputnik

My colleague, whose father was a police officer in Chechnya, approached her at a dinner. Therefore, the football player wanted to dance with the girl, but she refused. After that, Kadyrov published his sermon in the Chechen language – I do not understand it. But on the pale girl’s face, everything became clear. I got up obedient and went to dance.

One of the boys from the team accurately commented on this scene: “If Kadyrov had a pistol, he would have shot him,” Levitsky said in an interview with the Football 24 website.

He was a former Ukrainian goalkeeper He mocked Ramzan Kadyrov’s mental abilitieswho began the search for the hero of Ukraine.

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