Referee Kupriak was arrested by racists for two months – Football News

Football referee Dmytro Kupriak saved the life of the defenders of Mariupol, who was captured by the Russian fascists.

Dmytro Kubryak being held captive by orcs

Dmytro Kubryak being held captive by orcs / Photo: Collage: Today

Former Premier League referee Oleksandr Shamic said on his Facebook page that Ukrainian referee Dmytro Kupriyak is being held by racists in Mariupol.

Dmytro Kupriak is a surgeon in the main specialization. Arbitration became his second profession. Since the beginning of Russian military aggression, Dmytro rescues wounded Ukrainian soldiers in a military hospital in Dnipro.

Despite the constant shelling and shelling of Mariupol, Dmytro and his colleagues went to rescue the wounded defenders of Ukraine in the besieged city. There he was captured by the occupiers.

His wife, Natalia, said that Dmytro has been in captivity since April 12. She appealed to all Ukrainians to help release her husband.

Natalia wrote: “The doctor’s place is in the operating room, and not in the colony! Help me return my son – the father, and Ukraine – the specialist.”

It is noteworthy that Dmitro Kupriak worked in the matches of the Professional Football League (PFL) as a referee from the first league.

Earlier, we told how the Russian occupiers threatened to kill the UAF arbitrator Irina Petrova. Because of her pro-Ukrainian stance, the invaders held her in prison for five days.

Irina Petrova participated in the pro-Ukrainian actions

Irina Petrova participated in the pro-Ukrainian actions / Photo: Collage: Today

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