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Famous Russian footballer Igor Denisov is tired of being silent about the genocide of the Ukrainian people, which has been practiced by the Nazi army of the Russian Federation for nearly four months

Igor Denisov is shocked by Russia's war

Igor Denisov is shocked by Russia’s war

Russia’s war against Ukraine united the whole world around the support of our country in the fight against fascism. However, he shut the mouths of the majority of Russians who seemed to fit in.

Almost all athletes from the Russian Federation prefer to “stay out of politics” and not notice the brutal genocide of the Ukrainians, which is organized by their army. Recently, however, rays of light began to creep in from Mordor.

Recently, Russian women’s national team player Nadezhda Karpova publicly criticized Putin for invading Ukraine. And now the former captain of the men’s national team Igor Denisov has also spoken. Below are the main quotes of former players Zenit, Dynamo and Lokomotiv in an interview with Russian media.

On the fear of war:

“I’m afraid of war, I’m a man. I’m afraid bombs will fly over our heads. Everyone can sit in the house and mourn that this or that is necessary. And as soon as the first bomb flies, everyone screams, if they have time, I’m afraid of it, I’m afraid for my children.”

I have four children. Tomorrow he will fall on me a brick and a radish with me. But I have children. We don’t want to leave, I want to live here. I was born here then my country. My children were born here. Why do I have to leave my country? I don’t understand”.

Footballer Igor Denisov finished his career as P1spb and Hottravel |  Yandex Zen

Around February 24:

“I was at home, asleep. On the twenty-fifth, I was shocked, to put it mildly. I thought that everything would stop, as we were all told, at the entrance to the Donbass and the finish line. But two days later. I knew we went further, it was not For me it was a shock, it was a horror.

I am a very receptive person. I can’t kill a fly, so to speak. But for me this war is a complete disaster and horror. I don’t know, maybe I will be imprisoned or killed for these words, but I say it as it is. My perception of everything has changed dramatically.

I haven’t slept for a long time. I probably slept for exactly four days for three hours. I was just shocked. I don’t understand why 2022 is like this. And no one can explain it to me. Maybe because I’m my mom, maybe because I don’t know much about history, but I don’t. I am against war, I am against when people die.

Igor Denisov: I won't train either

On the unpublished appeal to Putin:

“I sent my appeal to our senior team. I understood, of course, that someone was going to look at me there. But I sent it. I let the lawyer listen, and we wanted to get rid of it on YouTube, but all the media refused. He was asked to stop.

So I said: I am ready to kneel before you. I, a proud man, was ready to kneel before him to stop everything. What is the life of one person, some Denisov? There was no pride anymore, because I already imagined what it was all about. But, unfortunately, no one showed it.

Then they pass this law when they put you in jail. Of course I am a simple person. I’m scared yet. But I can’t say. I’m not hiding anywhere, I’m not going anywhere. I do not need it. What will happen will happen. ”

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What is Denisov himself guilty of:

“I blame myself for resolving this situation. We cannot convey our view to the government. I am absolutely convinced that it is wrong, but I am not saying this. Only today. But from what I will say, it is wrong, nothing will change.”

If he says thousands, a million – nothing will change either. Only when 150 million people realize this is wrong will something change. If our country goes there, it’s our common fault.”

Igor Denisov expressed his opinion on chess

About UEFA penalties:

“I think it’s true. I and everyone here in Russia are involved in what is happening in Ukraine. We are all involved in this. We are electing the government. We need to stop what is happening now. We can stop because of something very hard on us.”

It is worth noting that Denisov became the four-time champion of Russia, and also won the European Cup and the Super Cup in Zenit with Anatoly Timoshuk. Igor played 53 matches with the national team.

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