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Mikhailo Kopolovets explained why Ukrainians despise Russians and when that will change

Mikhailo Kopolovets

Mikhailo Kopolovets

The war against Russia united Ukrainian athletes around helping our country and hating the occupiers. Everyone helps Ukraine in different ways – with weapons in hand, on the humanitarian front, financially, etc.

On the other day, the Minai Football Club of Uzhhorod organized a charity match in which stars and representatives of show business took part. This allowed the team to collect 400,000 hryvnias to help the Ukrainian army.

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Mykhailo Kopolovets, a former Carpathian player, became one of the participants in the meeting. After the meeting, the athlete spoke about his hatred of Russia and his visit to the church.

“This is a humiliated nation. This is not people, this is the country of terrorists and non-humans. They have touched the depths of our hatred that not a single generation will forgive them. I don’t know how these people will do. Live, these are not human beings, they are goblins, and it is a sin to call them people.”

The whole nation is corrupt at home. It takes people a century to change. If Putin dies, that will not change anything. Our attitude towards them will not change. They have caused so much harm that will not change.

I think now it’s not just me, but all of Ukraine goes to church. It really helps. And who do you trust? You have to believe in something. Even those who did not believe in God now believe, walk and pray. I always go.

By the way, the legendary boxer Mike Tyson also spoke sharply about the Russians. The American believes that it is better to die with a nuclear bomb than to live in Russia.

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