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World football legend Andrei Shevchenko has strongly condemned Russian athletes who remain silent about their country’s aggression against Ukraine.

Legendary footballer Andrei Shevchenko called for a boycott of Russian teams and athletes

Legendary footballer Andrei Shevchenko called for a boycott of Russian teams and athletes / Photo: Collage: Today

Andrei Shevchenko continues to actively fight against Russian fascism in the humanitarian sphere. The 2004 Ballon d’Or owner launched a new project – “Sports Front”, which aims to draw the world’s attention to the war in Ukraine.

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Since the beginning of the war, most Russian athletes have been silent about their dictator’s barbaric policies. Some of them openly support Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Andrey Shevchenko, the former coach of the Ukrainian national team, called for a boycott of Russian national teams and teams that spoke of “war” or remained silent. Andrei Shevchenko posted a video of the statement on his Facebook page.

“Because of the war in Ukraine, all the stadiums fell silent… The silence was interrupted by the Russian bombing and the explosion of Russian missiles and Russian phosphorous bombs. The silence was broken by the cries of Ukrainian women and the tears of Ukrainian children. And most of the Russian athletes fell silent. This silence continues to kill Ukrainians.

Silence prevailed in the Ukrainian stadiums. However, we athletes around the world must not remain silent. That’s why I urge everyone To support the boycott of Russian athletes, teams and teamsWhile the war in Ukraine continues. Support Ukraine in the sports field. “Silence kills,” Shevchenko said in his speech.

Earlier we reported that Andrei Shevchenko took part in a charity match at the Olympic Stadium in London. Before the match, legendary sprinter Usain Bolt handed a blue and yellow Chevy captain’s armband in solidarity with Ukraine.

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