Soccer player Arnao Martinez saves Girona’s photographer – Football News

The Girona club’s photographer celebrated the exit to the Premier League with the team and almost fell from the roof of the bus, and was saved by her team’s defender, Arnao Martinez.

The Girona celebration almost ended with the girl falling off the bus

The Girona celebration almost ended with the girl falling off the bus / Photo: Collage: Today

Madrid Real became the champion of Spain
this year. Girona won the right to play in the Spanish first division next season. The party celebrating Girona’s exit in the Premier League almost ended in tragedy.

The whole team and club staff had fun on the roof of a big bus, traveling the city streets.

At one time, Nuri Marqi, who works as a photographer in the club, did not notice the huge tree. The girl did not bend and a branch took her off her feet. Nuri was already falling when 19-year-old defender Arnao Martinez grabbed her leg and pulled her back with one of his teammates, Sport24 reports.

Funny, but even in critical situations, Margie did not leave the camera, and one of her assistants carried a glass of beer.

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