Sudakov chants “Russia” in Armenia match – football news

A provocative rally chanting pro-Russian slogans among the crowd during the match of the youth team of Ukraine in Armenia.

Pro-Russian fans fail to anger Ukrainians

Pro-Russian fans fail to anger Ukrainians / Photo: Collage: Today

The Ruslan Rotan Wings has largely completed the selection process for the 2023 European Championships. However, the exit meeting was not without provocation.

In the first half of the match, an unknown fan shouted the name of the aggressor country in the entire stadium. But this did not hinder our players. After the break, “Yellow Blue” sent two goals to the home team.

Georgy Sudakov, a player for the Ukrainian youth team, commented on the scandalous incident with a grieving fan.

“Football is out of politics,” Sudakov wrote on Instagram.

Accident video:

It is reported that during the post-match press conference of the coach of the first national team of Armenia, Joaquin Caparros, the moderators of the meeting refused to translate the topic of the war in Ukraine.

“This is a football match, not a political one, and the coach will not respond to that,” the press conference organizers said.

Caparros could not comment on the war in Ukraine

Caparros could not comment on the war in Ukraine / Photo: Collage: Today

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