Swimming is allowed on two beaches

Lutsk is preparing for the bathing season: swimming is allowed on two beaches

The Lutsk regional community is preparing for the bathing season. Rest was allowed in the regional center on two beaches: in the Central Park and on the Teremnovsky Reservoir.

The head of the Civil Protection Department for City Council residents spoke about it to the public Yuri Kirilyuk.

The bathing season in the city is set from June 1 to August 31. According to Yuriy Kyryliuk, the city council allocated 560,000 hryvnias for work and arrangement of the city’s beaches.

“It is for salaries, the purchase of equipment for lifeguards, inspection of the underwater part of the bottom, landscaping to make the beach look good, and for mowing the lawn – within 50 thousand hryvnia,” the official said.

According to the head of the Civil Protection Department, in case of an alarm, vacationers should go to the shelter. He did not say exactly where the official shelters were located in the Teremnivska Reservoir and the Central Beach.

Specialists of the city laboratory center took water samples from two beaches of the Lutsk regional community on May 25, – the expert said Maria Belonuzko. “The research is underway today, the water is running. Protocols and the results of the water will be announced next week,” the expert said.

Currently, works are taking place on the two beaches of the city, in particular, communal services are mowing the lawn and arranging safe procedures in the water.


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