Swimming will be taught in Gmerinka at the expense of the city. Who will get free tickets to the pool? : 16:07:2021

Swimming will be taught in Gmerinka at the expense of the city.  Who will get free tickets to the pool?

The complex attracts children the most. Photo from Al-Shabab Sports Complex’s Facebook page

  • A rather unusual program – “Swimming development” – was approved at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Zhmeryn City Council.
  • It is planned to spend 1.9 million hryvnia on its implementation.
  • Swimming is taught in Zhmerinka in the pool of the Yunist sports complex.

Part of the money from the estimated amount will be spent on pool visit subscriptions. It will be provided free of charge to premium categories of citizens. The decision of the Executive Committee was mentioned in a letter on the ZhmerinkaCity website.

Previously, Zhmerinka was famous for athletes who practiced swimming. Many water sports competitions were held here. It was held in the “Al Shabab” sports and entertainment complex, which is decorated with a swimming pool.

The owner of the sanatorium was the Southwest Railroad. In 2001, railway workers refused to maintain the sports facility.

Six years later, in 2007, a natural disaster destroyed the complex’s building. Later, the building became unsuitable for classrooms.

The complex was restored in 2019. August 4 became a holiday in Zhmerinka. At that time, the opening ceremony of “Youth” was held after major renovations.

The complex was taken over by the city government. On the other hand, it financed the lion’s share of the expenses of restoring the “youth”.

The pool has again become a popular place for Zhmeryn residents. As in the old days, competitions are held here, and most importantly, swimming is taught. In particular, the regional tournament was held this year. The famous Vinnitsa swimmer, Olympic medalist Pavlo Khnikin, was present at these competitions.

Lessons for children and adults are held in the pool. In addition to swimming, volunteers have the opportunity to participate in water aerobics, fitness classes …

“You live in Zhmerinka – learn to swim!” – These words can become the motto of the initiative of the city authorities during the implementation of the “Swimming Development” program.

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