The CIA-UA-Football groups are secretly operating in Ukraine

The American version of the New York Times reported that a certain part of the military allies are conducting some covert operations on the territory of Ukraine

Much of this work is carried out outside Ukraine, for example at bases in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. But even when the Biden administration has said it will not bring US troops into Ukraine, current and former US officials say, some CIA groups are operating covertly in Ukraine.

According to the source, most of them are in the capital – in Kyiv, they send most of the huge amount of intelligence that the United States uses with the Ukrainian forces.

The American portal also reports that dozens of special forces from other NATO countries, including Great Britain, France, Canada and Lithuania, are also working with the CIA in Ukraine.

The United States withdrew 150 military instructors before the war began in February, but the Allied leadership continued to train and advise Ukrainian forces, as well as provide a ground channel for weapons and other supplies.

But the source asserts that US officials are aware that Russia is aware of the presence of external forces and agents.

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