The four-legged robot folded its legs and swam in the river –

The American company Ghost Robotics showed off its four-legged robot, the Vision 60, while swimming in the water. The unit from Onyx Industries, which gifted her with a jet engine, helped with this work. So the Vision 60 can swim, press his feet on himself, and then get out of the water and keep moving on land. As it happens, Ghost Robotics show up in twitter.

Four-legged robotics company Ghost Robotics, together with Onyx Industries, has introduced a modified Vision 60 robot, which will be “the first commercial four-legged amphibious robot”. Thanks to the Onyx Industries unit, it can now float in water at speeds of up to 5.6 kilometers per hour.

Vision 60 is one of the robots from the Ghost Robotics line, which weighs 51 kg and can carry a load of up to 10 kg. Operating for up to three hours on a lithium battery, it can accelerate to a speed of three meters per second and navigate difficult terrain, including wading, if the depth does not exceed one meter.

But Onyx Industries has developed a specially designed NAUT (unmanned autonomous marine tail) unit with a jet engine, in which the robot can not move along the bottom of the tank, but rather swim. To do this, he needs to press his legs on himself. The unit adds an additional 2.3 kg to the robot’s weight, due to the battery (which weighs 1.4 kg), which provides up to half an hour of swimming. And after moving the swim, the Vision 60 can straighten and move further over land.

This isn’t the first time the Vision 60 has been used as a testing ground for new modifications. We recently talked about how its developers, in cooperation with Sword Defense Systems, put work on the back of a remote-controlled rifle.

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