The national team of Ukraine became the European champion among judo students – the latest current news of Ukraine and the world, today’s news on the Internet

The Ukrainian judoka coach beat Poland, Turkey, Georgia and France and won the European Championship in Croatia.

On the way to victory, our athletes defeated the teams of Poland, Turkey and Georgia, and in the final they defeated the team of France – the leader of the tournament in the number of individual championship awards.

Our winners: Oleksandr Martinchuk, Nizar Veskov, Ihor Tsurkan, Ivan Chernichenko, Yaroslav Omelchenko, Christian Khokhlov, Yulia Stefaniak, Melania Vodiana, Yulia Kuzmenko, Anna Oleinik-Korniko, Diana Simchenko.

This is the best achievement of Ukrainian trainees at the European Championship. Prior to that, they managed to close the top five in 2015.

It should be noted that this is the first time in the history of the Ukrainian national team that they win a mixed championship in the framework of the European Under-18 Championship.

Having received a total of 7 trophies in the individual tournament, the Ukrainian national team showed the best result since 2007.

We will mention that the Ukrainian national technical swimming team won the 2022 World Championships in aquatics in Budapest. At the World Championships, the Ukrainian “mermaids” won seven medals: two gold and five silver.

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