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Ruslan Malinovsky has declared that the Russian Alexei Miranchuk is against the war, but is afraid to talk about it

Ruslan Malinovsky and Oleksiy Miranchuk

Ruslan Malinovsky and Oleksiy Miranchuk / Photo: Getty Images

Russia’s war against Ukraine united the civilized world around the fight against fascism. At the same time, most Russians prefer to remain silent about the situation in our country or support the local Fuhrer Vladimir Putin.

Many athletes from Russia decided to “stay out of politics” and not comment on the genocide of the Ukrainians. Only a few days ago, the ex-captain of the Russian national team Igor Denisov began to talk about the war in the media.

But another player in the local national team Oleksiy Miranchuk, partner of Ruslan Malinovsky from Atalanta, still lacks courage. At the same time, the Ukrainian said that Miranchuk himself was against the war in Ukraine

“I have nothing to say to Putin, there are no messages. Those who commit such acts will be held accountable. My partner in Atalanta, Alexei Miranchuk, is also against armed intervention, and let me not have the right to make statements on his behalf. I know very well, face Russia up to 30 years in prison for violating censorship with its views.”

It is worth noting that the player of the Russian national team, Nadezhda Karpova, also criticized the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine. The Espanyol player pointed out that Putin took the future from Russia.

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