Today in Uzhgorod – the city swimming championship is open

Today in Uzhgorod - the city swimming championship is open

In the Watercolor sports complex on eight tracks according to FINA rules, about 120 girls and boys, born in 2011 and younger, compete. They represent SDYUSSHOR, DYUSSH and sports clubs in the city and region.

Picture can be: 4 people, standing and indoor

At the official opening, Uzhhorod Mayor Bohdan Andreev congratulated the competition participants, thanked the parents who watched the competitions online, for supporting their children in the development of sports, the coaches – teaching young people skills in this sport, and wished the participants. Experience the fun competition and high results. Bohdan Yevstafiovic also handed over a master’s degree in sports to a student of the “Tisa” sports club, Ilya Kovac.

The picture can be: 13 people, child, people standing, pool and indoors

The competition program includes distances of 25 m and 50 m freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke, as well as a complex of 100 m.

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The organizers are the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Uzhhorod City Council and a separate unit of the Ukrainian Swimming Federation in the Zakarpattia region.

The image can be: 5 people, a child, people standing and indoors

Due to quarantine restrictions, competitions are held without spectators.

Uzhhorod City Council

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November 19 2021

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