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Serge told Baltasha who impressed and disappointed him in the match against Scotland and what he expects today from the Welsh players.

Baltacha believes that Bosch should play with more confidence

Baltacha believes that Bosch should play with more confidence / Photo: Collage: Today

The decisive match for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers will be held in Cardiff. we drive Wales – Ukraine live stream.

Legendary Dynamo defender shares his opinion on the upcoming match Sergey Baltacha. He has lived in Britain for many years and currently works as a coach at Charlton Athletic Football Academy in London.

“In my opinion, the Wales national team can be compared to Scotland in terms of skill. In their field, they play with selflessness, and they are 100% educated.

As a former defender, I was impressed by Mikolenko’s game – Vitaly won all the top balls, because the “second floor” is the “grasshopper” of the Scots. During his incomplete season in the submarine, he has shown some progress and continues to improve.

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I would like to draw your attention to the unsure match played by our goalkeeper in the match against Scotland – the actions on the way out left much to be desired. Georgy Pushchan needs to better manage the defense and interact with defensive players. However, I am sure that the technical staff will see all this, will do the necessary work and will be able to eliminate these errors.

To win the game against Wales, our guys need to be attentive in defense from the first minute, especially with the ‘standards’ and parachutes in the penalty area. Hosts can play homework and score horse balls. It is important to deprive them of space, to restrain their actions,” quotes Baltach.

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The match between Wales and Ukraine starts at 19:00. Live broadcast on the national channelIndigo TVAlso on the 1″ and the platform.

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