Ukrainians are preparing for the worst? Why did the NBU issue the free-floating exchange rate

The changes from the NBU came as a nasty surprise to many – from Ukrainians who traveled abroad to IT workers.

Increase the difference between the official and "black" The exchange rate is the norm in the current situation

Increasing the difference between the official exchange rate and the “black” rate is the norm in the current situation / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

The National Bank protects the financial system of Ukraine, which is why it imposed new restrictions on the currency.

Investment banker Serhii Forsa is convinced of this, although the changes are unpleasant neither for IT employees nor for Ukrainian refugees spending money received in Ukraine.

“Is it right to introduce a fixed exchange rate during a war? Yes, right.”– Confirmed Forsa.

The right decision of the NBU

According to him, The NBU supports the financial system than can. The way the currency system survived in the first months of the war was considered a miracle by many, but it was the result of the correct reforms and policies of the bank.

The investment banker noted that a fixed exchange rate is harmful in the usual time but useful during the shocks of war. And the dollar exchange rate on the black market, speculative attacks – this is the norm in this case.

What’s Next?

Gradually, Sergei Forsa pointed this out The feeling of the economic crisis is increasing. This is manifested in speculative pressure on the exchange rate, which widens the difference between the official exchange rate and the black market rate.

The National Bank must continue to maintain the stability of the system. This means in the future will “tighten the nut”, because there is simply no other way. It will close the “windows” through which speculators climb and divert schemes, including payments for information technology.

“War is a cancer of the economy. It is impossible to go through it without losses. Everyone will lose something. Everyone will become poorer.”– Warn the investment banker.

Prediction consequences 30% drop in GDP The outcome of the war will come to everyone sooner or later. It will manifest itself in the loss of part of the income due to exchange rate differences, due to inflation or when reducing pensions due to currency devaluation. And now the main thing is to prepare and predict as accurately as possible at what point we will rebuild the economy after the victory of Ukraine.

The dollar is equal to the euro

As of May 23, the average dollar exchange rate at bank exchange offices was equal to the euro exchange rate. Euros and dollars in cash were sold in banks for an average of 34 UAH. The only difference is the purchase price: “greens” are ready to buy at an average price of 32.15 UAH, and the euro – 33.75 UAH.

The situation in banks with the dollar is as follows:

  • PrivatBank – UAH 31.5 / 32.18;
  • Oschadbank – UAH 31.6 / 32.18;
  • Ukreximbank – UAH 32.0 / 34.0;
  • Raiffeisen Bank – 36.0 / 37.3 UAH;
  • FUIB – UAH 35.0 / 37.0.

The situation on the black market is even worse, because speculators are unabashedly profiting from the Ukrainians. The average selling price of the US currency was 38.2 UAH / USD, the average purchase price was 37 UAH / USD.

Earlier, “Today” wrote that on May 20, the National Bank of Ukraine allowed banks to sell currencies at any rate. At the same time, the official exchange rate against the dollar remains stable at 29.25 hryvnia. Learn about the latest economic forecast regarding the foreign exchange rate in the near future in Ukraine.

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