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The Chinese company Qysea Technology has introduced a new unit for its underwater robot Fifish, with which it will be able to focus on targets in the water. With AI Vision Lock, you can direct the work to a separate destination: a coral structure, an underwater bridge, or any other interesting object. Fifish will then point the camera at it and adjust its motors to stay in place and continue shooting. The company showed off the new system on its website, which caught the attention of New Atlas.

Qysea Technology

The Fish series of Qysea robots are remote-controlled platforms the company calls underwater photography and video drones. For swimming, he has six propellers, as well as an accelerometer and gyroscope, with which he can adjust his position. Depending on the version of the bot, they have different applications, but in general it is also a camera for 4K video. According to the company itself, the battery will last for 4.5 hours of battery life under water.

Qysea has now introduced an additional module for its robots – a machine vision system based on artificial intelligence AI Vision Lock, which will help direct the robot to specific objects of interest to you. Since Fish is able to stream video from its cameras over the Internet, Qysea offers an interface where you can select an object of interest and leave the bot to watch it.

The company states that the robot will track both the target and its location to leave it in the most favorable field of view. So if the current corrodes them, he will be able to selectively start the motors and return to the desired point. Although it is important to note that Qysea did not indicate whether the robot could track moving targets.

Despite the fact that Qysea calls his robot a drone, he can only swim. But the joint development of Chinese and British engineers – an unmanned trailer – could swim, fly and cling to another robot, so as not to waste energy.

Where does the other business go?

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