Useful tips on using contact lenses (company news): 29: 06: 2022

Useful advice on using contact lenses (company news)

With proper care, contact lenses can be a real salvation for people with various refractive errors: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia. There are some simple and helpful tips for using vision-correcting products that make wearing lenses safe and comfortable. We share them as well.

• When choosing contact lenses for vision, you should refrain from amateur activities and consult an ophthalmologist. At the initial consultation, the doctor will select lenses and care products that best suit the individual needs of the patient. Residents of Ternopil can contact the specialists of the Luxoptika network, who receive them in the Podolyany shopping center and in the vulva. Russian, 20.

• Contact lenses should not be worn during treatment with antibiotics or hormonal drugs, colds and other infectious diseases.

• If you wear glasses, you should not give them up completely in favor of contact lenses. It is best for eye health to combine wearing glasses and lenses. After all, these are means of vision correction that complement each other, and not conflict.

• Before wearing contact lenses, as well as before any other manipulation with them, you must wash your hands well – under running water, using disinfectants.

• When wearing contact lenses, it is recommended to refrain from any water treatments: do not swim, swim in the pool, take a shower etc. It is better not to stay in rooms saturated with fumes and smoke, and it is better to refrain from using aerosols such as paints and varnishes. Getting on the surface of the lens, can damage it, and reduce its life span.

• The storage container must be completely filled with a special solution and only after that the lenses are placed in it. It is recommended to change the container at least once every 3 months.

• Charming ladies are advised to wear lenses first and then put on make-up. It is best to remove makeup after removing the lenses.

• To avoid eye dryness and discomfort, use moisturizing drops. Choose drops only on the recommendation of an ophthalmologist.

• Do not use contact lenses for another person.

• If redness, pain, discomfort and irritation occur in the eyes after or while wearing contact lenses, see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

Follow the rules for using contact lenses and enjoy good eyesight under any circumstances!

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