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The Russian invaders together with collaborators decided to organize a show in the form of the “Russian World Championship”, but their plans did not come true

championship "n world" - Presented in the best traditions of Goebbels advertising

The Russian World Championships is a showcase of Goebbels’ best advertising traditions / Photo: Collage: Today

The fascist Russian government is destroying the football infrastructure in Ukraine every day, killing and shattering the fate of Ukrainian athletes. But for their zombie population, the occupiers want to create a good image in the form of the “Russian World” championship.

This crazy idea was said by the Vice-President of the Crimean Football Association Ole Komunyar. The Russian invaders already hold the championship of Crimea, which does not beat the championship of gas stations.

“It sounds very funny. So they are trying to show that there is some kind of life in the occupied territories, that is, that Russia has come – and life has become better. proud.

In the example of the Crimean Premier League, which has been held over the past seven years, we can conclude that This tournament will look useless.

At first Russia bombed our stadiums, now you decide to play football here

At first Russia bombed our stadiums, now you decide to play football here / Photo: Collage: Today

When we completely liberate the Kherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Luhansk regions, you will definitely not like football. I have no doubts about that The armed forces will not allow them to do that. They won’t have the time,” Komunyar said in an interview with FanDay.

It should be noted that no club from the occupied territories will be able to play not only in the European cups, but also in the Russian championship isolated by penalties.

We will mention that earlier Russia has complained to FIFA
On the uniform of the national team of Ukraine, which depicts the Crimea.

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