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Former Ukrainian national team player Andrei Voronin terminated his contract with Dynamo Moscow on the first day of the war and left Russia.

Andrei Voronin spoke sharply about Russian stars

Andrei Voronin spoke sharply about Russian stars / Photo: Collage: Today

The beginning of the war was received by Andrei Voronin, a player for Liverpool and the Ukraine national team, in Moscow, where he worked as a coach at the local Dynamo. But the Russian invasion of Ukraine left no choice for Odessa, and he took his family to Germany on the first trip.

The war forced Voronin to rethink his attitude towards people, including Russian movie and pop stars. Most of the artists from the aggressor state have either pushed their tongues away or openly supported the criminal actions of the Kremlin dictator. Against their background, Maxim Galkin stood out, who was not afraid to oppose the war.

Galkin from Odessa She does not want to live in a country that cannot be said about something that the authorities do not want. I still like Galkin’s work, but after his observations, when Easter came in Odessa and the people died, there was more respect. I want to believe it The voice of this media is heard.

Maxim Galkin first commented on rumors that he is banned in Russia

Maxim Galkin first commented on rumors that he is banned in Russia Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

I really loved it Vladimir Mashkov. “Filter” for me – a masterpiece. Best series after “The meeting place cannot be changed.” When he learned what Mashkov was carrying, he was disappointed. This also applies to those who gave concerts in support of the special operation. sleeveless ев In general, it seems to have been infused with some medication – it’s just wonderful sculpting.

Rachist Mashkov accused of sexual harassment

Rachist Mashkov accused of sexual harassment / photo: screenshot

Galkin is self-sufficient. After all, he did not say anything to support the president of Ukraine or that it is better and Russia is worse. Maxim simply condemned the war, like any normal person.

The rest did not open their mouths. prostitutes. They appreciate the title. “I don’t know what else can be justified,” Voronin said in an interview with Zerkalo.

Earlier, Maxim Shatsky spoke about life in Russia and the influence of the Fuhrer Putin on public opinion. The former dynamo striker thinks people are zombies and can’t be persuaded.

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