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Fuenlabrada footballer Roman Zozulia urged his compatriots not to get tired of the war, because the occupiers are only waiting for it.

Roman Zozulia.  Photo: OPENGRAPH

Roman Zozulia. Photo: OPENGRAPH

Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine has been going on for more than four months, although in fact it started 8 years ago. At that time the fascist state occupied the Crimea and supported terrorist groups in the Donbass.

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Now the aggressor is actively bombing our cities, destroying infrastructure and killing people. However, ex-football player of the Ukrainian national team Roman Zozulya urged not to get tired of the war and described our guilt in this situation.

“Are Ukrainians tired of war? Of course, because everyone wants to go home and live their usual routine and peaceful life. Nobody, except for bloodthirsty racists, this war is not fun.

Are our soldiers tired of war? Yes, because they lose their siblings every day. It is a pain that cannot be suppressed. But their courage, dedication and willpower do not allow to take a break and rest from hostilities.

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Are we tired of helping our defenders? No, because in hellish conditions they not only protect our homes. They are fighting for our history, our present, our future and our right to life.

Perhaps, we are all morally tired, physically exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed. But, unfortunately, this is our reality. We don’t have another “today” and “yesterday” we finally lost on February 23. But the only way to ensure a peaceful “tomorrow” is to fight on all fronts and do everything we can to support our soldiers.

Roman Zozulia decided to help the embassy meet the needs of the APU

We mistakenly believe that the Great War began on February 24. But it has been going on for eight years. The fault lies with each of us that the racists decided to launch a massive attack. After all, during these eight years we allowed ourselves to get rid of the war in the East.

So let’s not make that mistake again. It must be remembered that at the moment when peace and quiet reigned in one house, one of our heroes paid for this with his life. During these four months, Ukraine shed a lot of blood, and now it is simply impossible to get tired of everything. Glory to the armed forces!

Note that the cuckoo has long been helping the army to buy the necessary things. Currently, the striker plays in Spain and helps our embassy in this country to collect humanitarian aid for the army.

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