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Scientists have found a physiological mechanism that helps in weight loss (Photo: stockasso/Depositphotos)

Scientists have found a physiological mechanism that helps in weight loss (Photo: stockasso/Depositphotos)

The constant feeling of hunger is a frequent companion of those who have recently embarked on the path of losing weight. But American scientists have found a way to combat it.

Specialists from Stanford University and Medical University of Houston discovered an interesting physiological mechanism. They studied the biochemical composition of human blood before and after training. It turns out that intense exercise boosts lactate production n -Lactoyl Phenylalanine (lac in).

The same lactate was found in the blood of rats and racehorses after similar loads.

Scientists decided to conduct an experiment on rodents by injecting them with Lac-Phe. The injected mice ate less than their control counterparts and lost weight faster.

The experts’ findings have attracted the attention of other scientists. Dr. Melissa Markowski of the University of Houston conducted additional research and found that the greatest production of lactate in humans is stimulated by cycling, running, swimming and weightlifting.

It is not yet known exactly how exercise will affect people’s appetite. But experts are inspired by the results of their work and are confident that they will be useful for those who want to lose weight.

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