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Football club vice president Andrei Sanin shared horrific photos of the destroyed base

The Mariupol base was severely damaged by the occupiers

The Mariupol base was severely damaged by the occupiers

Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine has been going on for more than three months. The hottest place is Mariupol, the city on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov has been literally erased from the face of the earth.

The infrastructure of Mariupol Football Club was also severely damaged, as well as the stadium and the club’s base. Deputy team leader Andrei Sanin spoke about the damage.

“The arrival of the” Russian scientist “in Mariupol left deep scars anywhere their hands could reach. These are our training grounds, which before the war were considered one of the best sports grounds in Ukraine.

Maybe the image of the grass

Starting in 2018, we have carried out a large-scale rebuilding program of training areas in Mariupol:

  • An advanced automatic irrigation system has been installed in three natural fields and one artificial;
  • For evening training in fields №1 and 4, an energy-saving LED lighting system was installed;
  • A new stand with a capacity of 200 spectators has been built for the official matches of the youth team at Stadium 2;
  • To ensure high-quality television broadcasting of matches on fields №2 and 4, specialized metal towers for television operators were installed.

During the storming of Mariupol by the forces of the so-called Russian Federation, all our infrastructure was damaged by numerous artillery bombardments by the Russian occupiers.

It may be an external image

In the main fields of the first team, we counted 8 funnels in field №1 and 4 “links” in field №2. The destruction could not have been avoided and on field 4 with artificial turf, where our academy was involved, field 3 for the youth team was also damaged.

Part of the agricultural machinery was stolen, and part of it was looted by thieves. That is, the “Russian scientist”, whose metastases are meaningless and ruthlessly destroying everything around them.

It is reported that Mariupol will not play in the new UPL season. Teams from the beaches of Azov, as well as Desna, allowed to pause the season and secure places for them in the elite.

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