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Photo that Yulia Payevskaya posted on her Facebook page on March 10 (Photo: Yulia Payevskaya via Facebook)

Photo that Yulia Payevskaya posted on her Facebook page on March 10 (Photo: Yulia Payevskaya via Facebook)

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Athlete and President of the Aikido Federation

Yulia Bayevska was born on December 19, 1968 in Kyiv. She graduated from the National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, has a fifth dan of Aikido, heads the Motokukai Aikido Federation of Ukraine and has taught aikido for more than 20 years.

Until 2014, Paevska was a designer working on ceramics, book graphics, and advertising.

She won a gold medal in swimming and a bronze medal in shooting at the Unbeaten Games (Invictus Games) Ukraine 2018.

«The Invictus Games project is, in my opinion, a perfect idea. She decided to take part in it to set an example and inspire the wounded brothers. To show that life does not end there. Yes, many people know me, which is why I came to share to support them moving forward, not to give up. So when they watch the games, evacuees will join them next year. Most likely, in this way I will be able to be useful to the country. In fact, our bodies have all kinds of limitations, but not the soul. It is unbreakable. This is the motto of the games.”

Paramedic since the field

An article written by Ukrayinska Pravda about Paevska from 2018 states that she learned to wear a tourniquet and bandages from the first grade of school – from a school nurse who was a health coach during World War II.

«She loved her work. Every week I would take the kids from first grade to last class – and tie bandages and dressings. “It was all very dangerous,” Tyra herself said.

On December 1, 2013, she became a field doctor. And in March 2014, an acquaintance called her and asked her to become a tactical medicine instructor.

Already in April 2014, she came to Donbass as a doctor, realized that she needed more there, and decided to stay.

Paevskaya led a group of doctors called the Angels of Tyra. In 2018, the European Union wrote that about 400 lives were saved.

The publication reported that during the four years of the war “Ingolami Taira “Nearly a hundred people were working for free, and the unit as of 2018 was funded by philanthropists.

«We also take care of civilians in the conflict zone. Sometimes we take them with great difficulty to hospitals, because ambulances do not go there, and someone has to do it. Military doctors are also gaining strength, well done. I guess they won’t need us soon. I’ll be grateful. Maybe then I’ll go to the armed forces, said Baevska Owe.

Its unit also rescued the wounded militants.

«I also take care of them, make sure everything is fine. I can’t say that I like separatists, but when you cut off the clothes of a wounded person, you just see a wounded man who needs help and screams how painful and bad it is. This is our exchange fund to save their lives and exchange them for our prisoners.”

As of November 2019, Tyra has already signed a contract with the Armed Forces. At that time, she said that the number of people her unit saved – more than 500. Then she has already taught tactical medicine to more than 8 thousand people.

During one of the combat evacuations, Bayevska sustained a hip injury.

«I carried the wounded man into a rigid car, turned around relentlessly and fell and could not get up. I had to replace both hip joints. A titanium prosthesis was placed, and later another. After doctors’ appointments, she spent two months on crutches, although she was ready to jump on both of them early.

Captured at the beginning of a full-scale war

After the start of a large-scale Russian invasion, Tyra evacuated the wounded in Mariupol. On March 13, she posted the last post on her Facebook page before captivity.

«I’m sorry it’s not dyed,” she signed her own photo.

On March 16, Paevska was captured in Mariupol.

«During these days, I helped hundreds of wounded civilians, because most of our ambulances came under fire. Oksana Korchinska, a volunteer in Pevska, said after she was captured, that civilian ambulances in Mariupol could not follow the wounded.

On June 8, the husband and daughter of Tyra told the studio of the show Evening with Ukraine in Ukraine that they did not know anything about her.

«She suffers from asthma, two prosthetics in the pelvic joints, and a thyroid gland removed, so she is constantly forced to take hormones. “We doubt she’s receiving the medical care she needs,” Tyra’s daughter Anna Sophia said.

Her husband added that promoters portrayed Tyra on Russian television as a monster – she was accused of brutal murders and the sale of organs.

While Tyra was in captivity, her daughter participated in the Unrealized Games instead and won a bronze medal in shooting among the juniors.

On May 20, the Associated Press published a video taken by Tyra’s chest camera in early March 2022.

In the video, Tyra helps people and shows the consequences of the attacks of the occupiers on Mariupol. There is also a part of how the Russian occupiers were captured. When locals asked her if prisoners would be treated, she said yes.

release tyra

President Volodymyr Zelensky announced Paevska’s release on June 17 in a traditional video title

«Tyra is already at home. “We will continue to work for everyone’s release,” he added.

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